The world map

Panic Attack: Across the Globe, also refered to as Panic Attack 3, was going to be a 2D platformer game and a sequel to Panic Attack and Panic Attack 2 . The game was cancelled in favour for Panic Attack 3. The game featured Blok travelling the globe, rescuing Kube from an new villain, who was never revealed.

Lands Edit

The game was to feature different countries, or 'Lands'. Each realm had different climates, settings, tones and realism.

List Edit

  • Cube Land:- Panic Town
  • Desert Land:- Planierto
  • Dire Land:- Gloryshire
  • Forest Land
  • Beach Land
  • City Land
  • Mountain Land
  • Horror Land
  • Cavern Land
  • River Land
  • Ice Land
  • Fire Land
  • Sky Land