Panic Attack, stylized as Panic Attack!!!, is a 2D platforming game developed by RSM and released on Scratch on November 1st 2016. The game features Blok rescuing his family after they make themselves lost. The full game is playable here.

Plot Edit

Panic Attack's plot is simple: The player, playing as Blok, has to go and find his family after they get lost, with the final level saving Kube, Blok's girlfriend.

There was once a happy little family known simply as the Blok Family. Where they live, nothing ever goes wrong, so they thought this day would be alright, right?
But then, they all decided to be adventurous and leave their territory, but leave their territory they did. They eventually got lost, all seperated, to top it off.
Well, it's up to you to find all 30 of your children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, (like who are you not saving here? come on. Just run around and find them ok?)

-The three title cards before the game starts

Release Edit

On August 30th 2016, RSM announced he was developing a game with Scratch on Twitter. In a tweet, he said;

"I'm developing a game on Scratch! Panic Attack!"
-tagged with a picture of the poster.[1] The game was set for release Winter 2016.

The official release date was revealed to be Novermber 1st in a tweet sent on October 10th that year. On September 2nd 2016, the game's first trailer was released, and the first demo was released later, on the 17th of the same month.[2] Demo 2 was released on September 21st 2016, being the game's last demo before release.

The full game was released onto Scratch on Tuesday, November 1st 2016.

Beta Edit

Full list of beta features can be seen here.

Sequel Edit

In late 2016, after Panic Attack's release, RSM confirmed that he would begin development of a sequel, and promised it would be ready in 2017. Later, in March 2017, Panic Attack 2 was revealed on RSM's twitter.

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